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I had the most wonderful dream. I was sort of in a film/sort of in…

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I had the most wonderful dream. I was sort of in a film/sort of in Skyrim/sort of in real life, and I was waiting at the side of a lake, watching this silhouetted character move every so often. He would go from sitting, staring out over the water, to lying back on his elbows, to hugging his knees and facing inwards. He was mysterious and I was attracted to him, but because I couldn't see him clearly I was worried he might be a ghost, or a violent nord drager. I gently paddled over in a driftwood canoe, ever so slowly. I could now see he was human. I quickly paddled past and strained my neck to steal a glance - he was an old, old man, but I could tell he was under an enchantment. Beside him sat a woman of about fifty in a beauty tunic with fried pink hair and cat-eye glasses. I paddled in to the library next door to collect my thoughts, but no sooner had I dropped my huge plastic box of books and toys on to one of the square shelves, than the pink haired lady and detectives busted through the door! Clearly, the film was in its penultimate scene and It was time to solve the mystery. I was lead through to my enchanted love, now a beautiful young man of about eighteen, but a 1940s/James Dean-kind of eighteen. We grabbed hands and splashed through the water filled tunnels away from the investigation. We were speedily returned, but not before stealing some of the most perfect kisses I've ever experienced - our bodies were made to be held against each others. As the fast-talking detective bamboozled us all in to expelling secrets we didn't know we were keeping, my hair grew and turned firey red as I became the female lead. My voice was soft and I would say cute, indignant things in reply to the two bantering lovable rouges as the credits rolled over footage of the town shot from a moving carriage. And then I woke up.
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