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Ice · cream · castles · in · the · air

It's 2am here in Scotland right now. I'm sitting in bed watching…

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It's 2am here in Scotland right now. I'm sitting in bed watching trololol covers on my sister's netbook, quite content when I happen to take my headphones off. There is a tap-tap-tapping on my window. The curtains are drawn, but they're not quite hanging down at one end and so someone would be able to see that my lamp is on. My sister and I live on the ground floor - it could be a friend tapping on the window but it is so quiet and persistant, it doesn't even sound like someone trying to get my attention - just freak me out! My heart's beating like a fucked clock, but I feel a little outraged. I decide to whip my curtains open and shock the culprit with my angry face, but when I pull them apart all I can see is my own angry reflection, it's pitch black outside! I grab my torch and open the window - this is it, I'm going to get 'em...when I realise it's raining. And some drops are falling in to an old basin that a neighbour's left outside my window in the garden. And drops are falling in it tap-tap-tap.
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