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Cat Stress

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Phew!  I've just finished pouring over some cat health sites to try and come to a decision about what to do for my poor kitty.  She's been on medication for hyperthyroidism for months; pills called vidalta.  But last week she was throwing up after every pill.  I took her to the vet but my normal, lovely, lady vet had been replaced by the bone-headed horse vet who was rough with her, unhelpful and didn't listen to what I was saying.  He said she might have a hairball and tried to sell me a £40 laxitive.  I've been looking for other vets in the area but it seems like this is the only one I wouldn't have to get a bus to.  So I guess I'll keep going, although I've now found her medication (the vidalta and something else she's taking for a bad leg - metacam) online for much cheaper.

I'm so confused because some I found a cat forum criticising vidalta, but then other sites talk about how serious untreated hyperthyroidism is, and how it can affect her other organs which is really scary.  I had asked the vet what to do when I saw him but he was just so useless.  I was almost in tears when I got back home, telling my sister about it.  I think tomorrow I'm going to try and reintroduce a vidalta pill in these 'lick-e-lick' paté treats she loves, and see if she throws up.  If she does, I'll just have to swallow my pride and arrange another vet appointment and stick to my guns this time.  I'm thinking of asking my sister to come along for moral support to help back me up.  I've also read there's an alternative medication for HT called Felimazole.  I didn't know an alternative existed, even though i asked my vet if there was one a couple of months ago because i was having such trouble getting her to take the vidalta twice a day.  This is a good site that lists some basic info about both: http://www.chestnutvets.co.uk/pdfs/Hyperthyroidism-advice-sheet.pdf

Hopefully she'll eat and keep down the vidalta tomorrow, and last week was a fluke.  I might as well try readministering it, as I don't know what else to do.  My family are telling me to cut out the vidalta as it's not agreeing with her, but doing this research has scared me - imagine if she got sicker because I wasn't giving her prescribed medicine.  If I really trusted that my vet knew what they were doing, this wouldn't be so distressing. 

Anyway, I have a little good news.  I wrote for an hour today.  I set up my PC and began a script.  It's fun and difficult and rewarding.  I want to do more.  I had a brilliant couple of days, as my parents visited from Edinburgh for the weekend.  Last night we had dinner together with gran (chicken, bacon and mozzerella with a BBQ sauce, yum!) then the three of us went to see Avengers:Assemble which was breath-taking.  I wish I could write to Joss Whedon and tell him how much he's inspired me, but I can only find a fan mail address online of the sort you send photos with a SAE too, and get it back, signed, three months later.  He doesn't even have a twitter!  Although I am famously bad at writing letters to people I admire, and meeting them.  I get all gushy and insipid.  It's probably best I admire his work from afar.
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