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Of Cats and Medical Costs

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Good news everyone!  I took my kitty to the vet this morning (I think that place is becoming like a second home) and was actually really pleased with how the appointment went.  I went in armed with facts, and all the research I had done in to hyperthyoidism pointed to three possible managements:
  •  the pill Femimazole
  •  a sugical thyroidectomy
  • radioactive iodine therapy

I got a really great vet this time who listened to me and my countless questions.  He also mentioned a fourth option: A new low-iodine diet called the 'y/d diet' pioneered in America but never before used in our vet.  (Further info here after a quick google if you're interested: http://www.2ndchance.info/lowIodine.htm )  He said she would likely react to Femimazole as she did to Vidalta so that's out.  Now, a surgical throidectomy is between £100-£200 and has it's fair share of risks, along with the possibility of further complications down the road.  Radioactive Iodine Therapy was, he said, basically a cure.  They only downside being there's a long quarentine period where the cat has to be kept in the practise for two-five weeks until the radiation has dissapated (it would be dangerous for her to come in to contact with others, but the radiation doesn't harm her at all, just the infected tissue it's injected in to).  The R.I.T. is an eye watering £1000-£1500.  I'm not in a position to pay for even the surgery right now, and I have to admit my parents have always covered the costs for my cats medical bills and medication.  They bought me her when I was ten, and wether she should really be my financial responsibility or not by now, I'm not in a position to pay for anything other than catfood and the occasional flea drops for her.

I tried ringing my dad but got no answer from the house phone, and his mobile went to voicemail after a few rings.  I want the R.I.T but feel...yeeuchy about asking for it, even with promises of paying back half and this being this years birthday + Christmas presents.  I don't like asking for money, even like spotting a £20 makes me feel uncomfortable.  This is big, because it's for Lucy, not me.  I'd be thrilled with the surgery, but it also scares me so much.  I love that the R.I.T is a practically risk-free cure, but of course its price reflects that.  I wish my dad had picked up so I didn't have to be antsy until I can ask them.  It's such a huge amount of money.  Eugh.  I feel like they won't want to spend it on the cat anyway, even if they have it to spare.   Argh.  I'm going to stop thinking about it until I can ask and be put out my misery.  Mostly I'm just absoloutely thrilled that I had a positive vet visit and some answers and progress about action we can take for Lucy's condition.  My little lady's going in for blood work on Monday and the vet wants the answer by then, so he can know what road we're planning to take.  I'm just hopeful and happy in general.  This is good, and it could potentially be awesome.
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